ACPC Hand Histories

I converted a sample of the 2014 ACPC NL logs into text hand histories that can be imported into databases. It’s just a small sample between the top 4 finishers in the instant runoff event: Tartanian7, Prelude, Hyperborean, and Slumbot. 288k hands from each agent are included, and can be downloaded here. You can find… Read More »

ACPC Results Online

The 2014 ACPC Results are online, although the logs are still forthcoming. The NL hold’em results look pretty competitive, with the Tartanian7 team clearly out in front with a few of us bunched up behind. I am pleased to say that my entry Prelude finished 2nd place in the instant runoff event, which was my… Read More »

ACPC Results Coming Soon

The 2014 Annual Computer Poker Competition results should be announced July 27. I submitted an equilibrium agent named Prelude to the NL hold’em event and am patiently awaiting the outcome. I will host a sample of the tournament logs, converted into a format that can be imported into the popular poker databases. I’m also curious… Read More »